effective web
At Katexpert, we build global, innovative and effective SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing solutions.
Our mission is to support our clients to create individual dialogues with their clients and sustainable profitable revenues from marketing operations.
Our solutions allow piloting scenarios of individual marketing actions, and delivering to each client, the right message, at the right time through the right channel while measuring the effects of each interaction and the impact on outcome.
Our clients, in Europe and Russia, successfully run Katexpert solutions for various fields of activity in B2B or B2C: food and specialized retail, mall and leisure centers, FMCG brands, car distribution and services distribution.
Our latest innovation, Keyval, is a unique tool that measures the causal interactions between different web spaces and their influence on the buying process.
New consumer behaviors, partly resulting of the Internet contributions, are more and more individualized, hence extremely difficult to model. Nowadays, when a customer walks into a store, 90% of his mind is already made up.
It is extremely difficult to identify the spaces where this purchase decision is build, whether they’re virtual (forum, website, social network…) or real (shop, mall, exhibition…). Either way, they largely elude the marketing strategies. Keyval helps you identify these key spaces and adjust your marketing strategy and maximizing the ROI on all your marketing operations.
Katexpert, effective web for profitable marketing.